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Counterspherics Labs

Counterspherics Labs is an Internet of Things (IoT) software and IT consulting company. Counterspherics specializes in the development of "right-sized" software system appliances i.e. pre-installed software on dedicated security tightened hardware; called micro-systems.

Counterspherics develops software for all industries but specializes in Safety & Contingency Management, Construction & Engineering, and Peer to Peer IoT. As a consulting practice the company assures the "Core Business" strategic/operational alignment of Technology (ITIL) and NIST, CLERY/Title IX, , CMS Emergency Rule, HIPAA, ISO 27001, OSHA, SOX, GLBA, PCI/PCA-DSS compliance.

Making Bus. & Tech. Lean and Green

All businesses need software. Unlike most technology companies, Counterspherics Labs eliminates the practice of paying for bloated functionality that will never be used. Counterspherics will develop the software appliance(s) for your time critical operations need, for FREE! You just purchase it when completed.

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your revenue though cutting costs, reducing waste, saving time, increasing efficiency while keeping your employees, customers, and the environment happy.

MERLENN Finally! A System Real Power for Contingency Coordinators

In 2006 as X-tier.Com Inc. our experts developed a commercial-grade online Contingency Operations Portal for Universities. That system was used by one of the nation's most prestigous educational institutions. Re-engineered from scratch, Counterspherics now brings you MERLENN™!

MERLENN™ is a unifying Contingency Operations System any Contingency Coordinator can use. MERLENN™ also provides intelligence information from natural hazards to local and global terrorism. Click on MERLENN™ above for more.

CORD Elevate Your Products & Customers!

"Continued customer satisfaction with a product creates long-term customers and therefore a limited need to incent customers to remain. This brings to light the understanding that, customer service is a developed product no different from any other consumable!" Say hello to CORD™.

CORD™ is from the shared minds of Counterspherics' own R. Prince & M. Faulk. CORD™ brings "vectored-thinking" to a business and is a customer-centric mechanism for product engineering & customer service delivery. Is your customer a part of your process? They should be. Available 2019 ($199.00 USD).




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Why Choose Us?

Innovative Thinking

We bring a future mode of operations innovative thinking approach, tempered by reality, to business and technical hurdles.

Dedicated 24\7 Support

Our Support Team works 24/7 to bring any issue to a quick resolution.

No Charge Guarantee

If you are ever dissatisfied with our support service...then it's free!

Customer Focus

We put your needs first. Nothing more need be said.


The intellectual work of our employees is running behind the walls of some of the top names among the Fortune 500.

Delivering Success

Our software systems are literally like no other in the industry. Lean and business operations mean! Our IoT micro-systems a.k.a. appliances leverage the best of both Internet and Client-side worlds.

Business & Technology Services

Strategic Planning

Get the most out of your investments. We can help you align your technology with your core business strategy.

Operations Alignment

Let us help you address Cybersecurity, Data & Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Automation, Technology Rationalization, Reduced IT Investment, Clery Act, CMS/HIPAA, DoD STIG, DevOps, GLB Act, ISO 27001, NIST, OSHA, OWASP, SOX, PCI-DSS, PCA-DSS, SDLC and more.

Your MSP Partner

We specialize in right-sizing business IT Infrastructure. In many cases with our Business Infrastructure-in-a-Box Appliance or (BIB) appliance, we are able to cut your IT costs by a minimum of 50%! Let us prove it to you!

BIB Powerpoint
Intellectual Property

Our IP legal teamm can help you review IP contracts before you sign or draw up one of your own.

Free Development

Have a sound Business Case? Counterspherics incubates (funds) custom appliance development for free! Using our resources we'll partner 50/50 on potential ROI - no financial investment from you!

Quality Assurance

We can shore-up your business and technology processes, documentation, checklists, procedures, identify gaps, and increase your efficiency.


Are You Safe? Friends/Family? We'll Ask/Check, You/They Reply...Easy.

A Portable Appliance-based System w/Cloud Services for
Contingency (Emergency) Preparedness & Coordination

CMS, HIPAA, OSHA, CLERY, DHS/FEMA, NIMS, NIST Compliance Ready at $167.00/mo per Appliance.
Get MERLENN w/end-to-end support in one monthly payment. Technology Refresh Cycling every 24 months w/no hardware cost!

Product Sheet: MERLENN Product Sheet     Campus & Workplace Safety Ecosystem: Employee/Student/Staff Safety Ecosystem     Personal Safety Ecosystem: Personal Safety Ecosystem     EMS/CCS Ecosystem w/Mobile EOCPersonal Safety Ecosystem
    2-Way Alerting Feature: Employee/Student/Staff Safety Ecosystem     How it Works (Outbreak/Pandemic/Biofire): Employee/Student/Staff Safety Ecosystem     How it Works (Natural Hazard): Personal Safety Ecosystem     How it Works (Active Assailant):Personal Safety Ecosystem

Do Your People Need Help? Are They Safe? MERLENN is Your...

Employee Life/Safety Assurance!

Counterspherics' MERLENN Safety Management, Resource Management, Logistics Management, Event Alerting, Tracking, Reporting, Compliance (OSHA)

Real-time Compliance w/OSHA Mandate for Employee, Faculty, Member, Student, Worker Safety & Wellness Accounting

Execute Strategic & Real-time Operational Action for...
Human, Atmospheric, Geological, & Biological Threats!

A Decision Support System Technology (DSS) for...
Analysis, Assurance, Coordination, Mass Notification, Monitoring, Planning, Prediction, Reporting, Safety Accounting, Workflow

A Hybrid Peer/Cloud Technology w/Infinite Growth. MERLENN™ is Predict | Plan | Train | Coordinate | Manage | Recover | Analyze


.00/moper Sys
  • Portable Appliance w/Hard Case
  • MERLENN™ MOBILE Integration
  • Incident, Resource, Checklist, Plan Mgt.
  • Unified Command & Control, Safety & Wellness Accounting, Cloud Integration,
  • Local to Global Threat Planning Data
  • Mass Voice/Text Communication & More
  • Clery/OSHA Compliance



.00/moper Sys
  • Portable Appliance w/Hard Case
  • MERLENN™ MOBILE Integration
  • Incident, Resource, Checklist, Plan Mgt.
  • Unified Command & Control, Safety & Wellness Accounting, Cloud Integration,
  • Local to Global Threat Planning Data
  • Mass Voice/Text Communication & More



.00/moper Sys
  • Portable Appliance w/Hard Case
  • MERLENN™ MOBILE Integration
  • Incident, Resource, Checklist, Plan Mgt.
  • Unified Command & Control, Safety & Wellness Accounting, Cloud Integration,
  • Local to Global Threat Planning Data
  • Mass Voice/Text Communication & More
  • NIST/STIG/RMF/OSHA Compliance


*SMS Rate ($.05/Message) Applies After Initial Exhaust (Initial 6000/Yr Company Shared Message Credit Pool / All Appliances)

Haunted by Asset Management?
Don't Give Up The Ghost, Get...GHOST™

A Portable Appliance for
Small Business Asset & Customer Service Management

A Budget Friendly $167.00/mo per GHOST™ Appliance with Technology Updates & Refresh Cycling
(receive a new system every 24 months)

GHOST Business Infrastructure in a Box or GBIBGHOST Business Infrastructure in a Box or GBIB

GHOST Suite: Physical & Digital Asset Licensing, Tracking, Maintenance, & Customer Support Micro Help Desk


.00/moper Sys
  • Includes everything in SEAT, MOST, & MISST
  • PLUS
  • Portable w/Hard Case
  • Asset-based
  • Asset Serialization
  • Asset Security Key
  • Asset Identity
  • Turn-key or Custom*


.00/moper Sys
  • Includes everything in ASSET & MISST
  • PLUS
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Location Profiles
  • Digital Asset Maint. (MOST)
  • Asset SLA Info
  • Asset HaaS Info
  • Remote Data Recovery
  • Turn-key or Custom*


.00/moper Sys
  • Includes everything in ASSET, SEAT, & MOST
  • PLUS
  • Asset-based Micro CRM
  • SMS Enabled
  • Service Issue Management (ITIL)
  • Process Flow Guidance (ITIL)
  • Response Guidance (ITIL)
  • Turn-key or Custom*

*40 Hours of Free Customization || $.50/GB/Mo. Cloud Data Recovery Storage || Voice/SMS ($.05 call /$.05 text) Rates Appy After Initial Exhaust (1000)

Leadership & Governance

The Counterspherics "Round Table"

V. Mayer

Chief Executive

30 years of Operations and former CEO/EVP/VP

BS Social Work & RN

Kansas State University, Manhattan KS

A. Mitra

Sales & Operations

20 years of IT/IS experience and former COO/CF

BA Finance & BA Accounting

Westminster College, Fulton MO

D. Kuntz

Process Architecture & Alignment

20+ years of IT/IS experience and former CTO

BS Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Kansas State University, Manhattan KS

K. Pearson

Software & Systems Security

20+ years of IT/IS experience and former CTO

Studied Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Missouri State, Springfield, MO

M. Faulk

Product Assurance & Delivery

20+ years of IT/IS experience and former CSO

BS Information Technology (IT)

University of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ

R. Prince

Product Development Operations

20+ years of IT/IS, former CIO, K9/Tac Ofc.

MBA & BS (IT) University of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ

AAS Avionics Systems, BCCC, El Dorado KS

W. Taylor

Intellectual Property Law

20+ years of Legal Experience

BS Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y.

JD Washington College of Law, Washington DC

$167/mo? Believe It! Reach Out To Us!

MERLENN™ Real Life Visual Case Studies

Act of Violence

Southern California Barricaded Person Standoff with Police: A mentally ill man killed his elderly parents, barricaded himself inside their home and fired at responding police officers during a four-hour standoff near college campuses.

Watch the Animated Mini Case Study on how MERLENN™ by Counterspherics Labs was used to increase awareness and prepare for a possible overflow of this event into the surrounding community.

Click to View

Multi-tiered Disaster

Tōhoku Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Radiological Event: On March 11 2011 a 9.1 magnitude earthquake hits Japan and sets in motion a 500 mph surface speed tsunami barreling toward the Japanese coast. The tsunami breeches all sea walls and water heights rise upwards of 128 feet causing a nuclear powerplant radiological release into open air.

Watch our short Animated Mini Case Study on how a prestegious college in California used Counterspherics Labs developed EMS to potentially save lives over 5300 miles away.

Click to View

Growing Civil Unrest

Local Unrest Sends Government Protesters Toward US Citizens:

Watch the Animated Mini Case Study on how a group of US citizens in Africa caught in local unrest were alerted and a coordinated evacuation set in motion from California using Counterspherics Labs developed EMS getting them out of harms way before becoming part of the story and the newscycle themselves!

Click to View

Global Terrorism

St. Petersburg Metro Station Bombing:

On April 3rd 2017 a suicide bomber killd 11 in Saint Petersburg Metro Station. Events such as this are a growing part of global citizenship. Traveling to any country whether it be personl or professional is not with this increasing risk.

Watch the Animated Mini Case Study of how MERLENN™ by Counterspherics was used in this tragic situation.

Click to View

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